This section aims to provide an overview of the University of Belgrade and its activities within the scope of international cooperation, including relevant information and guidance on enrollment, mobility and other academic opportunities.

As an institution committed to national and international cooperation, the University of Belgrade maintains a wide variety of relations with cultural, scientific, and higher education institutions around the globe, promoting academic and student mobility, joint projects and study programs.

The University of Belgrade has been continuously involved in international cooperation for more than 70 years. Throughout its history, the University of Belgrade has aimed at establishing, nurturing and developing cooperation with numerous other universities, both in the country and abroad, as well as other international organizations engaged in the field of higher education.

What so clearly supports this aim are the signed bilateral Agreements of cooperation with numerous foreign universities on almost every continent, the membership in various Networks and Associations, and cooperation with the Educational Committee of the Council of Europe, UNESCO and other organizations which contribute to the development of education, science and culture.

Having signed the Bologna Declaration, the University of Belgrade officially became a part of the European Higher Education Area.

The University and its members welcome a great number of international students at all study cycles, both through degree studies and exchange and mobility opportunities, which also include welcoming academic, research and administrative staff. Degree-seeking international students are welcome to enroll in study programs taught in the English language or to take a preparatory intensive language course at the Center for Serbian as a Foreign Language before enrolling in study programs in Serbian. These options are also available to incoming exchange students through several bilateral exchange programs, such as Erasmus+, CEEPUS, bilateral agreements, and support program from the government of the Republic of Serbia, as well as to free movers.

The University of Belgrade works closely with the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Studies and ITO Foundation from Japan. ITO Foundation awards scholarships for specialized training in Japan to the best graduate students. The Tokyo Fund of the University of Belgrade was founded in 1988 with the resources awarded by the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Studies. The resources of this fund are being used to award fellowships to the best doctoral students of the five Social Sciences Faculties. The donors’ aim is to give support to students showing extraordinary accomplishments in their studies and in realization of their projects both in the country and abroad.

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Following its tradition of openness and mindful of its international reputation, geographical position and potential, the University of Belgrade continues to invest efforts to promote the policy of establishing amicable and productive academic relations with universities worldwide, as well as to promote international student, faculty and non-faculty exchange

The University of Belgrade recognizes and follows contemporary dynamics in education and research development, as well as the ever-increasing pace of changes in all segments of the society, adapting its activities and efforts to these changes and the arising needs, accordingly. The turn of 2019 saw humanity facing a global threat and turbulent events, changing overnight the circumstances, conditions and the very way of life for individuals, as well as entire systems, institutions and countries alike.

The statement on Erasmus policy expresses the University’s commitment to participation in the Erasmus+ program, as well as a strategic approach to the development of policies and procedures for the implementation of Erasmus+ activities. 

The Erasmus Charter for Higher Education signed in 2021 provides a framework for ensuring the quality of European and international cooperation during student exchange and the implementation and monitoring of projects.

The University of Belgrade declares its unwavering commitment to green initiatives and ecology projects. As a renowned educational institution, we recognize the pressing need for sustainable practices and environmental stewardship in today’s world. We firmly believe that universities have a vital role to play in shaping a greener future, and we are dedicated to leading the way in this crucial endeavor.