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University Symbols

University Symbols

The University of Belgrade has its Coat of Arms, flag, seal, Rector's insignia, academic dress and ceremonial gowns, appropriate to the degree being received. The decision on the design and ornamentation of the Coat of Arms, flag and seal of the University is made by the University Council.

The Rector's insignia is worn by the Rector at ceremonies which the Rector chairs or where he/she represents the University.

The academic dress is worn by the Rector, or a Vice Rector in the absence of the Rector, at ceremonies held at the University.

Ceremonial gowns are worn by persons receiving a doctoral degree or the title of a full professor, or by those who are awarded Honorary Doctorates of the University, as well as in other ceremonies, as decided by the Rector.

In scope of their activities, higher education institutions within the University of Belgrade have the right and obligation to use the name, Coat of Arms and the flag of the University, as well as to incorporate them into their own symbols, either in part or in entirety.

The University of Belgrade celebrates September 13th as its anniversary, in remembrance of the day when lectures started at the College in Belgrade in 1808.