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Collaboration with industry

Innovation makes the world go round. But it is you, the entrepreneurs and investors, who make new technologies accessible to people. This is why successful business people and the University of Belgrade make such good partners. It’s a match that brings revolutionary technology and research into practice to everyone’s benefit. The University of Belgrade provides support for creating environment that improves collaboration between science and industry. Center for Technology Transfer of University of Belgrade (CTT UB) is a key ingredient when it comes to research, innovation and collaboration with industry. CTT UB is working closely with all the researchers from the University of Belgrade with the focus on developing, protecting, evaluating and transferring their research results into industry to everyone’s benefit.

CTT UB will assist you in finding partners from academia who can help you reach your business goal. Capitalize on academic research. Just contact CTT UB.

Уговорена истраживања

Contract research

You can have specific laboratory experiments conducted or gain access to high-tech equipment, databases, rare collections, archives; you can also access our development methodologies, general public or targeted surveys, etc. The range of options is wide.

Колаборативна истраживања

Collaborative research

Collaborative research is one of the best channels for knowledge transfer, where all participate in the research and share its risks and benefits.

Техничка подршка и консалтинг

Technical support and consulting

To make the most of our researchers’ expertise the best way is to have them serve as advisors and consultants. Researchers can improve your business bringing valuable insights as well as new, sometimes unexpected perspectives.

Партнерство у spin-out компанијама

Partnership in spin-out companies

This partnership model is especially conducive when a company wants to shift its activities towards knowledge-based business and involve the researchers that created the technology.

Connecting Science to Business - STUB

Connecting Science to Business - STUB

Science2Business events are a perfect place to find researchers with whom you might collaborate on new ideas for your company.

Колаборативна истраживања

Licensing Intellectual Property

Authorizing your company to use intellectual property created at the University of Belgrade. Take a look at technologies invented at UB and identify licensable knowledge best suited to your needs.