Cost of Living

Please note that all costs listed in here are approximate estimates only and are intended to help foreign visitors plan their financial resources. We estimate that students and visitors need an average of €450-600 per month per person to cover their accommodation costs, health insurance, costs of utilities, meals, city transportation, some necessary personal expenses and incidentals. Actual expenditures can significantly vary depending on individual spending habits, and, of course, whether one plans to live alone or with flat mates. Instruction materials and textbooks are not included, as each faculty of the University of Belgrade has its own required literature, and the prices therefore vary. Please see more under the “Cost of studying” section in the menu on the left.

Accommodation and Utilities

Prices of the housing in a student dormitory vary depending on the number of persons sharing the room, with all utilities included. Please note that the number of available rooms and beds is highly limited.
This accommodation type is recommended for short-term stays and prices should be checked directly with the student dormitory right before the planned visit. Rented accommodation: Again, prices depend on the size, location and the condition of the rented flat. However, the approximate price of a shared flat (e.g. 2 people) in the urban city area would be €300-350 + utilities (€100-150).
There are many hostels in Belgrade offering accommodation to foreign visitors at budget prices. This type of accommodation is usually preferred for short-term stays. Visitors who chose this type of accommodation for long-term stays should discuss the availability and possible discounts directly with the chosen hostel.

City Transportation

• Monthly transportation student pass: €10
• Annual transportation student pass: €105
• Regular single-ride ticket: €0.8
• Regular daily ticket: €2.2
Prices for foreign citizens:
Monthly pass - €28
15-day pass - €16
365-days pass - €300

Please visit the official website of the public transportation ticket provider: