Academic Information

Academic Year

The academic year consists of two semesters and exam terms that take place at the end of each semester.

Academic Term at the University of Belgrade: SEMESTER

Exam terms are organized in accordance with the annual plan of exams of each faculty/school of the University of Belgrade. Exam schedule is made at the beginning of each academic year.

General Academic Calendar

Fall Semester October December January - February
Summer Semester February May June - September

* Exact start/end dates may vary among specific faculties/schools of the University of Belgrade.

Please check the website of the specific UB faculty/school you are interested in to learn the details about the exact dates of their academic calendars for the current academic year: UB faculties

Grading Scale

Students’ success in the exams is reflected by grades from 5 (fail) to 10 (excellent).
A student can achieve a maximum of 100 points.

Grades Classification Number of Points
From To
10 excellent 91 100
9 exceptionally good 81 90
8 very good 71 80
7 good 61 70
6 sufficient 51 60
5 fail 0 50

Grading Conversion

General guidelines for the grade conversion from different foreign Higher-Education systems to the HE grading system used in Serbia may be found at the following link:

Please note that the countries listed are those the majority of foreign students studying at the University of Belgrade come from. The scale will be regularly updated based on the incoming information from partner institutions.

Language of Instruction

The official language of instruction is Serbian. However, there are numerous accredited curricula in English.

Language Requirements for Visiting Students and Staff

The minimum recommended level of language proficiency is B1 for incoming students and B2 for incoming staff, as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This may vary based on the specific requirements of each individual Faculty/School or Institute of the University of Belgrade, which will be seen in the application form for a specific mobility model. We suggest that you upload a language certificate as one of the application documents.

Additionally, students coming to the University of Belgrade on mobility programs should note that the official language of instruction is Serbian. However, there are numerous accredited curricula in the English language and few in other European languages.

Courses available for Visiting Students

Depending on the type of their mobility, visiting students may either choose courses from a specific study area, subject to the cooperation agreement governing their mobility, or may be eligible to take any course offered at the specific host faculty of the University of Belgrade, provided that they meet the mandatory requirements (necessary pre-knowledge, knowledge of the language of instruction, etc.).

The extensive list of study programs and courses offered to incoming international students can be found at the respective web pages of the faculties of the University of Belgrade. The overview of courses and study programs organized in the English language can be found at this link.

The University of Belgrade does not guarantee that visiting students will be able to enroll in any specific course until the very time of registration. Changes in the course selection are quite possible and we therefore encourage students to have a wide selection of courses ready at the time of registration, as well as to get in touch with the specific faculty of the University of Belgrade to seek for more information on the curriculum.

Special note for visiting Students
(mobility and exchange)

Visiting Students may not enroll in any faculty of the University of Belgrade without the previous nomination of their home university and without the official consent of the relevant authority of the UB faculty in question.