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Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy INEP

Institute for Applied Nuclear Energy

Phone number: +381 11 2619-252, +381 11 2617-255

Fax: +381 11 2618-724

Website: www.inep.ac.rs

Е-mail: mail@inep.ac.rs

Address: 31b Banatska Street, Zemun

General Manager: Marija Gnjatović, PhD

Research activities at the Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy INEP include basic and applied research in biology, chemistry, biomedicine, as well as environmental monitoring and protection. Research areas are: endocrinology, immunology, reproductive biology, metabolism, glycobiology, radiological-agrochemical monitoring and environmental remediation. Scientific research is conducted within national as well as various international projects. In addition, INEP implements part of its activities through biotechnological and commercial aspects in human and veterinary medicine and environmental protection too.