Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation

Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation

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Dean: Prof. Dr. Marina Šestić

Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation has started working at 10th November 1975. That was the beginning of the rise of a profession that is in the past thirty years seeking and discovering their own paths, respect their tradition, developed scientific thought and applied modern tendencies in education of young professionals.

Historically, special education has made some tough and giant steps in its development from medieval Serbia and care of handicapped people at its territory, through pass the world wars and the treatment of residual wounds that are often left behind indelible handicap which should be knowingly approached, to the present most current approaches to education and rehabilitation.

Education of special education teachers, professionals working with disabled children, also has a rich and long tradition. Back in the 1882 year begins creating our professional special education personnel in the most eminent institutes counterparts in Europe. Subsequently, the Ministry of Education organizes courses and hospitalization in this field, in order to since 1947. The education of the Special Education Department implemented the Higher Pedagogical School. College for special educators opened in 1963. and in 1967. College was transformed into special schools, which lasted until the time when education experts defectological raised to a higher level. On the proposal of Education - Cultural Council of the Assembly of SR Serbia, Republic community education in the Assembly on 24th April 1974. made a decision on the establishment of the Faculty of Defectology. With Stem Commission report on the state of compliance with the requirements of the work, in accordance with the Statutory Decision on temporary organization, management, curriculum, conditions of work and study rules on Special Education School, in November 1975. was confirmed to have met the conditions for the start of the Faculty. Adopted the basic normative acts necessary for the smooth operation of the Faculty, adopted interim curriculum, selected teachers and staff to carry out lectures and exercises, the teachers were hired from other colleges and universities in the country, registered a first-generation students, was appointed temporary management and secure place to work.

The teaching process at the Faculty is constantly perfecting, adapting to the development trends of science and practice of special education. Teaching and at the Faculty scientific and research work today is coordinated through the following departments: Department of General and common objects, Department of Logopedics, Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons, Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation of the visually impaired, the Department of Special Education and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in mental development, the Department of special Education and rehabilitation of the persons with motorical disorders, Department of Prevention and treatment of behavioral disorders. Research work at the University is realized through projects of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, and the projects realized at the Institute for Special Education. So far, 53 scientific projects have been carried out. Also, there is the Faculty Organization of Young Researchers »Dr. Zoran Đuričić," which allows students to acquire first research experience under the supervision of the teachers and staff of the Faculty.

Basic studies in special education and rehabilitation today last eight semesters and are realized through lectures, exercises, consultations and professional training of students. Educational program includes basic studies: the socio - humanistic, theoretical - methodological, technical and general narrow professional courses. Since its establishment, from Faculty graduated more than 5000 students.

During its existence Faculty has organized specialist, master's and doctoral programs. Up to now, over 50 candidateshave specialized. More than 100 master's theses and doctoral dissertations were defended. Faculty implemented for the study of specific forms of knowledge innovation in vocational education and training. Faculty throughout all the years of its existence has worked with a large number of scientific and educational base, with which it now has a very good and fruitful cooperation. During the school year, many students realize their commitments in scientific educational base.

An integral part of the scientific and educational activities of the Faculty seems Publishing Center (CIDD) which was founded in 2002. year, although in the past this activity was present. The Center engages in publishing textbooks, monographs, conference proceedings, scientific periodicals Research defektologiji and other materials necessary for the improvement of teaching development - Scientific research activity. So far, more than 90 books has been published over 20 periodicals numbers.

Library has more than 5000 library items. There is reading room at Faculty for students, in which students, teachers and assistants have available access to the Internet.

Student Parliament takes care about the student life at the Faculty. Students have a variety of activities organized within their organizations. Sports activities occur in different sports disciplines and participate in competitions organized by the University Sports Federation.

More than three decades of the Faculty, is a guarantee of quality in the development of special education theory and practice. This is evident in the continuous updating of the curricula of undergraduate studies in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Declaration in structuring specialist and graduate studies in increasing the quality of doctoral studies, the observed results of scientific research and in scientific advancement individual teachers and assistants. Finally, progress has been made in the process of improving quality of education students, future professionals to work in special education and rehabilitation of children with disabilities and the treatment of persons with behavioral disorders.

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