Faculty of Biology

Faculty of Biology

Phone number: +381 11 2186 635

Fax: +381 11 2638 500

Website: www.bio.bg.ac.rs

E-mail: dekanat@bio.bg.ac.rs

Address: 16 Studentski trg, Belgrade

Dean: Prof. Dr. Ljubiša Stanisavljević

The twentieth century has witnessed overcome the earlier part of biology as descriptive and quantitative science. Discovery of molecular mechanisms have united in contemporary research efforts biochemistry, cytology, genetics, physiology and other biological disciplines, and the twenty-first century is marked as the century of biology. The achievements of a number of different disciplines within biology as a complex science, give fresh motive to the study of the functional diversity between different types of microorganisms, fungi, plants and animals, and especially humans.

Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, provides to their teachers and colleagues, but also students, the conditions for scientific research and educational activities that no single institution in our countryprovides, and they are equipped with the most modern microscopes for students, research centers like the Center for PCR and the Center for Laser and confocal microscopy, and the research laboratory equipped with the latest appliances and laboratory research microscopes, which allow further improvement and development of various biological disciplines for current experts at the Faculty and students to get acquainted with the latest achievements of science. Regarding that, we emphasize that the Faculty of Biology cooperates, both in scientific research, and teaching in a number of Institutes and allied faculties.

The Faculty of Biology in Belgrade provides to students not only quality teaching, but also a broad field of scientific research development since the beginning of the study. Simply put, the teaching in these institutions, research papers students to graduation and then making master's theses and doctoral dissertations are everyday and commonplace for students of our college. This objectively existing advantage during studies, biology students can not provide any other university center in the country. In addition, a large number of the best graduate students after graduation finds employment in these institutions dealing with scientific research, initial reason for enrolling this faculty.

It is necessary to emphasize the fact that the degree of Biology, University of Belgrade, is recognized throughout the world. For decades, a number of students graduating from the Faculty of Biology after leaving the country, have no problems to validate their degrees while continuing to perform scientific research in the most prestigious scientific centers in Western Europe, the United American States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and so on. This only confirms high level of education attained by the Faculty of Biology, which opens all the doors in the world to our graduates. This is something on what the Faculty of Biology is particularly proud of. On the other hand, our graduates who are working in these centers eventually gained an enviable global scientific reputation, are a link that enables our young scientists to go on study trips to these centers coming back enriched with the latest scientific knowledge which are raising the level and quality each of them.

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