Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Architecture

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Dean:  Prof. Dr. Vladimir Lojanica

The first elements of higher education in the field of architecture in Serbia are mentioned in the 1844. when by moving Lyceum to Belgrade, was reformed its teaching, in which, at the Department of Philosophy introduced the subject of civil architecture.

In 19th June 1846. the decree of Prince Alexander Karadjordjevic founded Engineering School in which teaching among the five subjects, was architecture. The establishment of this school is considered to be the motive for the establishment of a separate Faculty of Engineering at the Great School in future, and thus the beginning of higher education architecture in Serbia.

During the 1863. the Lyceum grew into a Great school, in which Engineering was also established.

1888/1889. The Faculty of Engineering has saparated from the general community of the High School as a separate entity, and the 1897th Architecture was awarded a separate department.

February 27th 1905., outgrowing the Great School to Belgrade University, Faculty of Engineering, with its architectural section, becomes one of the five members of the University

Regulation of the Government of the People's Republic of Serbia, on June 21st, 1948th, Faculty of Architecture was established as an independent Faculty of Technical high school, the then Faculty of Engineering. By the same decree, all these colleges were selected from the University of Belgrade. On the basis of the General Law of the University, 1954. year, all the major colleges Technical schools are attached to the University of Belgrade.

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