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Center for Strategic Management

Address: 1 Studentski trg, Belgrade

The Center for Strategic Management and Strategic Planning (CESMUB) was founded in order to strengthen the integrative functions of the University, as well as the planning, organization and implementation of strategic activities of the University. Strengthening of the integrative function of the University of Belgrade is a need resulting from higher quality integration of the University into the European educational system on the one hand, and need for unification and standardization of the processes in higher education on the other.

Activities of CESMUB are directed to promotion of new forms of links among faculties within the University, as well as the University with its external environment. Actually, CESMUB is expected to become an important integrating factor in the operation and development of the University by activation of all, particularly expert resources available.

Strategic positioning of the University of Belgrade as the largest and oldest University in Serbia requires defining of its mission and vision, development directions, projection of its modern and effective organizational structure, as well as managerial system, which are the basic functions of CESMUB.

It its activities on strengthening the integration level of members of the University of Belgrade in the field of strategic planning and strategic management, CESMUB should define the scope of common processes and activities of all faculties in the region, and, concomitantly, take care of specific features of all members in promotion of creativity and inventiveness of the faculty management.

The following activities of CESMUB have been recognized as the major ones:

  • Development and unification of strategic planning methodology at the University
  • Improvement of organizational structure and its adjustment to the needs of modern university
  • Elaboration of development studies
  • Organization of advanced training programs in the fields of administration and administrative processes
  • Development of uniform indicators of efficacy and effectiveness of University members.
  • Organizational structure and scientific meetings within the terms of reference of the Center.

Implementation of the Bologna Declaration and accession to the unified European space makes it essential for CESMUB to elaborate this core activity, operationalize it, particularly in the field of control and overall management.

CESMUB relies on support of other institutions within the University of Belgrade and others external ones.