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SYLFF (The Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowships Fund) was founded in 1987 by the Nippon Foundation to support graduate students in the humanities and social sciences. The program gathers 69 most prestigious universities and HE institutions from 44 countries. Since its foundation 16 thousands students were granted scholarships and after completion of studies became professionally engaged in variety of fields. Information on institutions – members of the SYLFF program – can be found at the official SYLFF website:

The SYLFF program aims to identify and support the best students – future leaders – who will invest their integrity and motivation to help their countries orient towards global issues and solve specific local problems, using socio-political instruments and mechanisms.

Following the vision and the legacy of the founder, support to the best students is done through scholarships granted by the Nippon Foundation. Scholarships are allocated to selected HE institutions around the globe, while the administration of the program is executed by the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research. Such organization ensures for a sustainable and continuous support. We encourage you to listen to the message of the Chairman of the Nippon Foundation, HE Mr. Yohei Sasakawa, at the following link:

For more general information about the program and available scholarship schemes please visit the official website of the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research:


Cooperation of the University of Belgrade and the SYLFF program started back in 1989, only two years after the SYLFF was founded as one of the leading programs of the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research ( The University of Belgrade was the 10th jubilee university in the world that had been granted a donation from Japan to finance its best students in the humanities and social sciences. The first SYLFF scholarships were granted to the students of the University of Belgrade in 1990, and more than 90 students of the University of Belgrade have received it so far.

The aim of implementation of the SYLFF program at the University of Belgrade is to support continuation of education of PhD students with high potential for leadership at national, regional and international level, within both public and private sectors. Scholarships are granted to extraordinary students of the UB Faculty of Law, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Political Sciences, for the fields of humanities and social sciences.


Please note that the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research does not accept individual applications for scholarships. Sylff Steering Committees, founded at HE institutions that participate in the program, are in charge of the program implementation, including call opening and selection of candidates.

Every year, the call for scholarships is announced by the Sylff Steering Committee at the University of Belgrade.

The call is announced once a year and remains open for at least a month. All eligible candidates are invited to submit their research plans and to interview with the members of the Sylff Steering Committee at the University of Belgrade. Within the selection process, an average grade of a candidate is taken into consideration, as well as their published works, if any, and the quality and relevance of the proposed research plan. The call is announced in public media and on the website of the University of Belgrade, with information on criteria, deadlines, contact details and instructions for submitting applications.


Support programs offered by the SYLFF Association, aims to facilitate SYLFF fellows’ academic advancement, leadership development and networking among one another. For more information about Support SYLFF programs please visit the following link:


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