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European and International Policies and Crisis Management

Since 2001/02, the University of Belgrade organizes a graduate master study program "State Managament and Humanitarian Affairs" in cooperation with the University of Sarajevo and the University "La Sapienza" in Rome. In 2009 the program was adapted to the new socio-political circumstances with an appropriate title: "European and International Policies and Crisis Management".

The study program "European and international policies and crisis management" has an international character. These studies provide education in the field of public administration and humanitarian activities and a qualification of Master of Crisis Management (60 ECTS).

The program has an interdisciplinary character with interactive teaching methods. In addition to the theoretical cognitive content, candidates will be able to explore specific social problems through workshops and have practical training in relevant institutions. All lectures are held by eminent professors, experts and representatives of various related institutions.

The program provides students with professional and applicable knowledge to identify, prevent and resolve social crises. This master's program qualifies students to participate in projects and find professional employment in relevant institutions and organizations that require effective and operational management. Language of the master program is English.

Members of the Council for interdisciplinary graduate studies in English (Joint Master), European and international policies and crisis managament.

Head: professor Zoran Krstic, PhD

Head: professor Zoran Krstic, PhD

Phone: +381 11 3207 446, +381 11 3207 466