Serbian Language

If you wonder what Serbian is like, you should know that it belongs to the South Slavic group of Indo-European languages, having many fascinating grammatical categories. It is one of the very few standard languages in the world that uses complete synchronic digraphia, equally using two alphabets – Cyrillic and Latin. The contemporary Serbian Cyrillic alphabet was created in 1814 by Serbian linguist Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, on purely phonemic principles. On the Internet you can find various websites and online resources for learning Serbian, or just for picking up its main phrases. However, if you are interested in it and wish to ensure you learn it well, we recommend the UB Centre for Serbian as a Foreign Language.

The Centre for Serbian as a Foreign Language

The Centre for Serbian as a Foreign Language at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, has been offering intensive courses of the Serbian language for international learners since 1986. Apart from a regular one-year intensive course, the Centre also offers an intensive three-week summer course and 12-week online beginners’ course. In the regular and summer course, classes are held five days a week (three academic hours per day) and the course is divided into three levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced, since many students already know some Serbian. Lecturers are our acknowledged teachers, native speakers of the Serbian language, who graduated from the Faculty of Philology. The Centre for Serbian as a Foreign Language is also an examination Centre – three times a year (June, September, and January) you can take an exam and get a certificate in Serbian as a foreign language, on one of all six CEFR levels.

The Centre also offers an online 12-weeks beginner’s course.

Learning a new language is best in its natural environment; our classroom will guide you through your real-life language experience in Belgrade and Serbia.
Belgrade University, Faculty of Philology
Centre for Serbian Language
Studentski trg 3, 11000 Beograd
T: +381 11 2638310 E:

I am sorry!
Thank you!
Thank you very much!
Here you are (polite).
Here you are.
Good morning.
Good afternoon.
Good evening.
Good night.
What is your name?
My name is...
How are you? (polite)
How are you?
Fine thanks, and you?
I understand (Serbian).
I don’t understand (Serbian).
Do you speak English?
How much does it cost?
Where is ...?
I need a doctor.
Here is my phone number
I love you

Hvala lepo!
Dobro jutro.
Dobar dan.
Dobro veče.
Laku noć.
Kako se zovete?
Zovem se...
Kako ste?
Kako si?
Dobro hvala, a vi/ti?
Razumem (srpski).
Ne razumem (srpski).
Govorite li engleski?
Koliko košta?
Gde se nalazi...?
Potreban mi je doktor.
Ovo je moj broj
Volim te