Degree Studies – Full Degree Seeking

Degree seeking foreign candidates who wish to become students of the University of Belgrade must first hold a valid certificate of previously completed cycle of education that proves the eligibility of a candidate to apply for undergraduate, master or doctoral studies at the University of Belgrade. If all other general and specific requirements are met, and upon successful enrollment (e.g. successfully passed entrance exam), a foreign citizen becomes a student of the entire study cycle at the University of Belgrade.

At the first cycle of studies at the University of Belgrade, prospective students can choose between academic and vocational studies, that is, between master and specialist studies at the second cycle, respectively. At the third cycle of higher education studies, prospective students of the University of Belgrade can enroll in doctoral academic studies. The University of Belgrade does not have vocational doctorates as a part of its academic offer.

Foreign students can also transfer from a higher education institution abroad to the University of Belgrade within the same cycle of education.

For each listed option, general enrollment requirements for foreign citizens are the same as for the citizens of the Republic of Serbia. The University of Belgrade announces the call for enrollment on its website, usually in May each year. The call contains information on eligibility criteria for certain study levels and other enrollment requirements for all candidates.

Specific enrollment requirements of foreign degree seeking candidates are as follows:
- to submit the proof that their previously completed education has been recognized by a competent authority of the Republic of Serbia*
- to submit a proof of health insurance for the academic year in question;
- to be fluent in the Serbian language, or in the language of instruction at the chosen study program

General study rules at the University of Belgrade:

Important: See more about the Recognition procedure in the menu on the left. Please note that the recognition procedure of high school degrees is carried out by the Agency for Educational Qualifications of the Republic of Serbia, while the recognition of higher education degrees for the purpose of (further) education are carried out by the University of Belgrade – Office for Education and Research.