Rector’s Foreword

Welcome to the University of Belgrade – a diverse academic community, on a path to highest levels of academic excellence

The University of Belgrade represents the most significant academic institution in our country and in the region and as such provides an especially productive environment for development, advancement and actualization of a long line of professional backgrounds encompassing the following: social sciences and humanities, medical sciences, sciences and mathematics and technology and engineering sciences.

With that in mind, further strengthening the reputation of the University of Belgrade will have its basis in attracting a larger number of students, improving and innovating study programs and reforming operational procedures in order to assert the University’s position among top universities in the region and the world when it comes to the quality of teaching it provides and the professionals it educates. Special attention should be paid to the affirmation of scientific-research, as well as professional and artistic capacities of teaching and research staff, to the consideration of the principles of development defined within national strategies and legislative frameworks and reliance to the developmental goals and directions set within current agendas on the European level.

In order to further build on the principles of autonomy, independence and social engagement of the University, as well as affirm the highest standards of scientific-research and education for the purpose of reaching a high level of academic excellence, the future vision of the University of Belgrade should be grounded in the principles incorporated in the following system of values: academic freedom, acceptance of diversity, academic honesty, contemporary competences and transfer of knowledge, integrity, leadership and common well-being.

It is necessary for the University to continuously keep encouraging and defending academic independence, intellectual curiosity, freedom of expression, open-mindedness to the exchange of ideas and critical opinion. To this end, it is necessary to provide an ambiance in which there would be equal opportunities and equitable treatment of all those concerned, irrespective of their title, age, ethnicity or gender. A special focus should be placed on nurturing and developing academic excellence in discovering, preservation and dissemination of theoretical and practical knowledge, development of cooperation, with other academic institutions, but also those outside the academia, but of importance for development of higher education. Promotion and development of ethical and responsible behavior and leadership, dedicated to the greater good, should enable further development of integrity, whereas solving ongoing problems among members of the University through constructive dialogue should contribute to greater cohesion within the University. Besides working on strengthening its own capacities, a special mission of the University in the coming period will be to intensify its activities towards economic development and a wider social community we belong to.

The vision of the University of Belgrade is to remain the leading educational and scientific-research institution in the region, respected abroad, an incubator of employment, an advisor to the economy and support to educational policy stakeholders at home.

Prof. Dr. Vladan Djokic
University of Belgrade