Cost of studying at the University of Belgrade

Cost of studying depends on the specific status a foreign student has at the University of Belgrade.

Holders of the scholarship of the Government of the Republic of Serbia do not pay tuition fees, they are granted free accommodation, free health insurance as well as discount prices in the student cafeteria.

In cases of most bilateral agreements, as well as some interna- tional mobility programs (e.g., Erasmus+, CEEPUS), there is also a tuition fee waiver for incoming exchange students. Students, who independently enroll at the University of Bel- grade, have to pay for the following (unless otherwise agreed and/or provided by the foreign visitor’s status):

Tuition Fees

The University of Belgrade has 31 Member Faculty, organized in 4 groups: social sciences and humanities, medical sciences, sciences and mathematics and technology and engi- neering sciences. Criteria for enrollment, as well as tuition fees vary from one faculty to another. In-detail information on recognition of foreign higher education documents preceding the actual enrollment procedure can be found at

Tuition fees for foreign students can be found on the web sites of the respective faculties - members of the University of Belgrade at:

Textbooks And Instruction Materials

The type and the volume of required literature varies significantly, and therefore it would be best to contact the faculty of interest and check the prices of literature per each year. However, our approximate estimate is between €100-300 per student per year (depending on the Faculty and the study level).