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Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory

Phone number: +381 11 26 46 242

Fax: +381 11 26 46 242

Website: www.instifdt.bg.ac.rs

Е-mail: institut@instifdt.bg.ac.rs

Аddress: 45 Kraljice Natalije Street, Belgrade

Director: dr Gazela Pudar Draško

The Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (IFDT) is the only institute of the University of Belgrade in the field of humanities and social sciences, dealing with social theory and philosophy in an interdisciplinary manner.

IFDT was founded in 1992, growing out of the Center for Philosophy and Social Theory that gathered Yugoslav dissidents, Miladin Životić, Zagorka Golubović, Nebojša Popov, Mihailo Marković, Ljubomir Tadić, among others. From then until now, IFDT functions as a community of philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists and other theorists who jointly reflect on current global and regional social challenges. This is done through combination of theoretical and empirical research, our goal being to offer novel ways of thinking about phenomena affecting all members of society, as well as to make efficacious policy proposals that could lead to concrete social changes. The work of IFDT is based on constant networking and cooperation with similar institutions in Europe and the world, most prominently, Consortium of Critical Theory Programs and the Open Society University Network.


The strategic vision of the Institute is a scientific community that encourages social engagement and critical thinking, and actively works on expanding the framework of public debate, advocating systematic education on history and contemporary dilemmas related to social engagement.


In addition to basic scientific research activities – organized through national and international scientific projects – IFDT has two basic focuses: lectures/conference program, and publishing. Lectures at IFDT are public and are held at various location in Belgrade, Novi Sad and other cities in Serbia, to be as accessible as possible to a wider audience. The publishing activity includes monographs and Philosophy and Society and Critique journals.

The work of IFDT is organized through laboratories:

- Laboratory for Educational Strategies

- Digital Society Lab

- Gender Research Laboratory

- Holocaust Studies Laboratory

- Laboratory for Philanthropy, Solidarity and Care Studies

- Laboratory for Active Citizenship

- Laboratory for Social Critique

- Laboratory for Theory, Creation, and Politics of Space

- Laboratory for Research on Socialism and (Post-)Yugoslav Studies