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Institute for Multidiciplinary Research

Phone number 1:+381 11 3555 258

Phone number 2:+381 11 3058 954

Fax:+381 11 3055 289

Address:1 Kneza Višeslava, Belgrade

Director:Dr. Sonja Veljović Jovanović

Deputy Director for Research:Dr. Miroslav Nikolić

Assistant Director for Administration:Radmila Jovković


The Institute for Multidisciplinary Research (IMSI) is a leading RTD institution founded to combine fundamental and applied research in several complementary research fields such as materials, environmental sciences and renewable energy, aquaculture, plant biology, biophysics, neurosciences and medical engineering. About 70 researchers (35 PhDs) are working within the three cross-linked departments, i.e. Material Sciences; Life Sciences, and Environmental Sciences. The total bibliography for the past 10 years is over 350 articles in the international peer-reviewed journals and over 15 chapters in the international books.