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Vinča Institute of Nuclear Science
Institute of National Importance

Vinča Institute of Nuclear Science

Phone number: +381 11 8066 517

Fax: +381 11 3442 420

Website: www.vin.bg.ac.rs

E-mail: office@vin.bg.ac.rs

Address: 12-14 Mike Petrovića Street, Belgrade

Director: Dr. Snežana Pajović

The Vinča Institute of Nuclear Science is a multidisciplinary scientific research institute which carries out fundamental, developmental and applied research in natural, technical and technological science, and offer services related to the results and outcomes of the mentioned research. The Vinča Institute employs around 800 staff, 383 of whom are involved in the scientific research. 58 of them are scientific advisors, 44 senior scientific associates, 59 scientific associates, 86 expert associates, 133 research associates, and three research assistants.

The Vinča Institute is registered to perform the following activities:

Physical, chemical and radiological quality control of the surface, ground and waste water; Survey of temperature instruments (ОL-48); Survey of pressure instruments (ОL-173); testing the emission of hazardous gaseous compounds from thermotechnical and thermal energy devices and plants; the systematic testing of the radionuclides contents dosimetric measures and working environment control; measuring the degree of the individual exposure of the persons professionally exposed; measuring the degree of the internal exposure of the persons professionally exposed; different measuring to implement the protection programme and control quality; designing measures for the radiation protection; testing the level of external exposure; gammaspectrometric testing the radionuclide contents in the samples taken from the environment; testing the tritium contents in the sample taken from the environment; testing the amount of radon in the air; testing the contamination level of the environment during an emergency or if the emergency is suspected decontamination; certifying cables; certifying electrical appliances for EH protection; certifying water, food and metal and chemical industry products; issuing the certificates for: cable products, (ЕH) electrical appliances of all types, household appliances, motor vehicles, buses and motor vehicles for special purposes, the equipment and process quality in the process industry and energy production, testing the power and thermal characteristics of the heat exchangers.

The Institute carries out its multidisciplinary scientific research and activities in the following organisational units:

  • The Physics Laboratory
  • The Nuclear and Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • The Laboratory for Theoretical Physics and Condensed Matter Physics
  • The Laboratory for Radiation Chemistry and Physics
  • The Laboratory for Atomic Physics
  • The Laboratory for Physical Chemistry
  • The Laboratory for Chemical Dynamics and Permanent Education
  • The Laboratory for Radioisotopes
  • The Laboratory for Radiobiology and Molecular Genetics
  • The Laboratory for Molecular Biology and Endocrinology
  • The Laboratory for Radiation and Environmental Protection
  • The Laboratory for Thermotechnics
  • The Laboratory for Materials
  • The Centre for Nuclear Technology and Research
  • The Centre for Multidisciplinary Research and Engineering
  • The Centre for Engines and Vehicles
  • The Centre for Explosive Protection
  • Radiological Health Care Office
  • Foreign Trade Circulation
  • The Centre for Permanent Education
  • Supporting Services