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Institute for Biological Research "Siniša Stanković"
Institute of National Importance

Institute for Biological Research Siniša Stanković

Phone number: +381 11 2078 300

Fax: +381 11 2761 433

Website: www.ibiss.bg.ac.rs

Е-mail: ibiss@ibiss.bg.ac.rs

Address: 142 Bulevar despota Stefana, Belgrade

Director: Dr. Mirjana Mihailović

The research programme of this institution covers scientific disciplines in practically all areas of biological science. The research activities comprise current problems in molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, neurobiology, neurophysiology, general physiology, endocrinology, cytology, physiology and biochemistry of insects, plant physiology, evolution biology, genetics, zooecology, phytoecology, limnology, ichtiology, taxonomy, biogeography and environmental protection.
The programme is pursued by 193 researchers, 36 of whom hold the highest ranking title (scientific advisor), 26 hold the title of senior scientific associate, 26 the title of a scientific associate, and 67 of a research associate. In addition, 38 junior researchers are permanently engaged, providing the continuous inflow of young research staff.
Organisational structure of the Institute comprises units in which scientific and research activities are conducted and the pertinent specialised laboratories.

The Institute collaborates with the faculties of Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine especially in the areas of biochemistry, biomedicine, multidisciplinary studies and biopharmacy.