Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

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Address: 305 Vojvode Stepe Street, Belgrade

Dean: Prof. Dr. Nebojša Bojović

Following the development of transportation practice and science as well as the needs of industry for graduates of traffic engineers, Traffic Engineering over the past fifty-five years, eleven times exercised innovation curriculum. Each of them reflected the increasingly rich experience of teaching staff in science and education, and using feedback from the traffic engineering practices and a large number of users of the industry, various government and social organizations and institutions.

Also, these plans and programs incorporated the experiences of similar schools abroad. Based on this study, Faculty of Transport is Maticane in these scientific fields in the traffic and transport: planning, technology, management-management, organization, design, operation, safety, main-ing, economics and logistics.

Faculty as educational and scientific institution within its Master does basic, specialist, master's and doctoral studies and preparation, as well as other forms of continuing professional education and training, basic applied and developmental research in the field of traffic and transport and telecommunications. The Faculty was organized six departments in which graduate education and traffic engineers to: Department of Railway Transport, Department for road and urban transport, water transport department, the Department of Air Transport, Department of Logistics and the Department of Postal and telecommunications with two direction: post and telecommunications traffic.

Faculty Teaching and scientific activities carried out within the department, ie. teaching and research units to be Established for a number of related cases and to integrate the work of teachers and staff from a particular group of subjects to discuss and resolve educational and scientific and technical issues. The Faculty has 215 employees. Of which 146 are teaching staff (26 full professors, 27 associate professors, 13 assistant professors, 1 senior lecturer, a teacher, 26 assistants, 44 assistant-trainee, three senior staff member, four expert consultants and a senior laboratory technician).

At university he studied 1935 students and 191 students graduated apsolvent.From 21st November 1953. until 31st July 2005. study completed 4290 graduate of traffic engineers, traffic engineers in 1051, a total of 115 masters degrees and Ph.D. degrees are 86 candidates.

The Faculty of Transportation Library of Literary Fund and other library materials is: 18,842 books, 364 books - Legacy, 678 magazines, 3920 BSc, 162 MSc theses and 111 doctoral dissertations.

Decree of the Presidency of the SFRY no. 41 of 02 July 1980., on the 30th anniversary of "The particular merits and successes achieved in the education of professional and scientific personnel, which has made a significant contribution to economic development of Earth's carrying capacity," Traffic Engineering was awarded the Medal of the red flag.

Today, the Faculty of Transport has grown into a strong scientific and educational institution with its numerous educational activities and scientific work is the most renowned institution of its kind in our country. It is recognized and appreciated outside the country. Teaching staff, which now has Traffic School, the education and scientific experience, very favorable conditions of work, established numerous relationships with commercial traffic and other scientific and educational centers in the country and abroad, represent a sound basis for further successful development of Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade.

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