School of Medicine

School of Medicine

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Address: 8 Dr Subotića Street, Belgrade

Dean: Prof. Dr. Nebojša Lazić

Vice Dean: Prof. Dr. Tanja Jovanović

Vice Dean: Prof. Dr. Vesna Bjegović - Mikanović

Vice Dean: Prof. Dr. Biljana Mihaljević

Vice Dean: Prof. Dr. Tatjana Pekmezović

Vice Dean: Prof. Dr. Danica Grujičić

Vice Dean: Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Stefanović

Vice Dean: Prof. Dr. Ivan Paunović

In the second half of the nineteenth century when Serbia began organizing health services in the modern sense, the National Assembly of Serbia led the first discussion of the establishment of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade. This happened in December 1879.

The victims filed by the Serbian people in World War I can not be left out. They are in large part caused by epidemics, which, in addition to losses on the battlefields and other losses, took rough estimates more than 300000 lives. The victims of the Serbian people was amazed the world!

In the early postwar years the country was torn by war and epidemics. Criticism of an earlier state and everything that happened in the past wars dominated with the public constatation that "victims died due to non-cultivated prevention". Thanks to the vigorous efforts of the Education Minister Ljuba Davidović, final approach and the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine was achieved. At University Council meeting held on March 28, 1919. Minister's of Education document, which seeks that Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Medicine begin work next school year, was read.

School of Medicine was opened December 9, 1920. by speech of professor Milan Jovanovic-Batut in the hall of the University. After that, the access lecture by Dr. Nick Miljanić, a professor of anatomy, marked the start of classes at the Faculty. That date since 1970. has been celebrated as the Day School.

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