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Faculty of Philology

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Dean: Prof. Dr. Iva Draškić Vićanović

Philology studies began in Great School, which was founded in 1808 in Belgrade when Serbs were engaged in liberation wars and uprisings so as to create a nation state. However, historical circumstances, uprisings and struggle against Ottoman occupation were not favorable for science and education.

Great School was opened by probably the best-educated Serb of his time – Dositej Obradović, who was the first modern Serbian educator, during which occasion he gave a speech on the importance of science. One of the first professors was Sima Milutinović, the first Serbian romantic poet, and one of the famous students was Vuk Karadžić, the codifier of modern Serbian, or to be more precise, the common language of the majority of South Slavs. Apart from a Serbian course, Great School also offered German courses.

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