Danube Rectors' Conference

Danube Rectors' Conference

DRC is a network of almost 70 universities in the Danube Region. It improves higher education in teaching and research in this region, and in particular the advancement of its member universities, by establishing and facilitating bilateral and multilateral contacts between the universities.

DRC coordinates ideas and actions of its members through the exchange of information on issues of common interest, and acts as a consultant, by presenting its views and by making appropriate recommendations on problems which concern the universities, to government, national or international organizations, as well as to others who are involved with issues concerning universities.

In order to perform these tasks, DRC maintains links with national and international organizations the activities of which are of interest or relate to universities and, in particular, with the national Rectors' Conferences, EUA, UNESCO, EU, Council of Europe, etc.

The DRC arranges conferences, workshops, summer schools and participates in EU funded projects. The DRC also actively contributes to the Priority Areas Workgroups’ of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.

Official site: www.drc-danube.org