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Social Sciences and Computing


The graduate study programme Social Sciences and Computing at the University of Belgrade is designed as a programme in which students, who have finished undergraduate studies in some of the fields of the social sciences (legal science, economics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, demography, etc.), would acquire the use of contemporary computing technologies in social sciences.
Due to this, the programme has in its offer several courses related to the use of contemporary computing technologies, as well as more courses related to varied fields of social sciences in which the use of contemporary computing technologies makes an important part.
The total number of ECTS credits for this one-year study programme is 60. To enrol in this study programme a student is assumed to have finished undergraduate studies in some fields of social studies and has earned 240 ECTS credits.
All courses on this study programme last one semester. The curriculum includes 2 required courses, 3 elective courses, aterm paper and a final master paper. All courses are worth 6 ECTS credits, the term paper 10 ECTS credits, the compulsory internship 5 ECTS credits and the master thesis (final paper) 15 ECTS credits.
The purpose of the graduate study programme Social Sciences and Computing is the improvement and specialization of those students who have already mastered a basic knowledge on the faculties of social sciences, but who want to apply it by using contemporary Internet technologies and services, different software tools, and also in the manner enriched by quantitative analysis.
A need for this study programme comes from a higher demand (world-wide, but also in our country and in the region) for experts in different fields of social sciences who intensively use contemporary technologies in their work. Job offers, marketplace flow, as well as trends in economy, society, public administration bodies, and other public institutions, undoubtedly point to that fact and there is no need for a further explanation.
The title awarded after all the exams are passed and after the master thesis is defended is Master of computing in social sciences. The program is accredited for implementation in Serbian and English.

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Program board members

Head: Dr Vladan Devedžić, Professor
Phone: +381 11 3950 853